About us

Plus Sourcing Limited is designed to provide local sourcing and processing solutions for overseas customers, in China - for FURNITURE and LIGHTING manufacture and DISTRIBUTION - throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe.
We specialise in:
Product development
Rigid Quality control
Professional photography
Secure shipping
Full document checking
Local and International legal assistance
Our involvement in projects, includes, but is not limited to, sourcing of components, total management of furnishing and lighting design and the manufacturing process, until completion, plus delivery. We offer a structured, convenient process, where you are constantly updated about the manufacturing process. We like to make sure that the customer needs to do only two things -
Everything else is over to us!


The Team

Here are PLUS SOURCING LIMITED best practice techniques, specifically designed for purchasing and trade in Asia.
PLUS SOURCING LIMITED consists of a small team of local dedicated employees. We are not limited by geographic borders and carry out our projects and orders freely. Our professional and passionate team is our biggest asset, in combination with a highly structured process, where good results and satisfied clients are our main focus.
We are located in four major areas which cover most Chinese industrial areas in Hong Kong, Zhejiang, Lang-fang and Zhongshan. This proximity allows us to offer 24 hour quality checking service at economical rates.
Our interest and passion for furniture and lighting manufacture originates from our family who all work within the industry. Our Chinese and Western education, to degree levels, and our well established in-country careers/work experience, give us a profound understanding of what is required, both here had abroad.
We are a strong and successful team.


1. Want to be a part of the Plus Sourcing Limited team? We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

2. Admin/Sourcing staff

3. Product Development staff

4. Please view the job descriptions on local HR advertising website.

5. Plus Sourcing Limited is always on the look-out for creative, dedicated and skilled employees. To apply, please submit covering letter and resume (CV) to info@plussourcing.com